ASA Electronics is bringing even more Sophisticated Madness to the water with a complete line of redesigned Polk Ultramarine speakers, available for the first time in 6.6”, 7.7”, and 8.8” sizes.The selection of sleek, high-powered speakers is joined by a matching 10.5” subwoofer to round out the sound system.

The new speakers and subwoofer have been engineered to deliver the best sound possible to keep the boat rocking. Each piece uses air suspension construction to reduce distortion for a cleaner, clearer listening experience. The speakers and subwoofer also utilize silver cones, insulated tinsel leads, and high temperature voice coils to help deliver that high quality sound.

The latest collection from Polk Ultramarine has been designed specifically for life on the water with waterproof, UV and corrosion resistant cast aluminum housings available in black, white, and smoke to better match the interior of any boat.