For 40 years, ASA Electronics has been providing specialty markets, like the commercial vehicle industry, with innovative electronics designed and tested to perform in extreme environments. The Voyager brand was born out of our commitment to serve our customers by making their travels safer. Voyager has been the preferred supplier of mobile observation products for over 20 years. We proudly serve our customers and continue to develop new safety systems using the latest technology.



  • ASA Electronics begins developing line of observation equipment



  • Voyager® brand name receives trademark registration



  • Awarded UPS contract to put observation systems on their American fleet (70,000 vehicles)



  • Awarded US postal service contract for observations systems
  • Awarded UPS contract for observation systems in Canada and Mexico



  • Awarded UPS contract for observation systems in Europe



  • Launches extensive line of automatic switching observation camera systems with an array of front and side view camera options



  • Develops and introduces the Voyager Wireless Observation System, an industry first



  • Introduces new Voyager Side Body Observation Cameras that utilize enhanced Super CMOS technology.



  • Launches line of all digital wireless observation systems under the Voyager WiSight™ brand name



  • Introduces auto-pairing feature to line of Voyager® Camera systems



  • Begins partnership with Pepsi Beverage Company to install Voyager Wireless Observation Systems on vehicles nationwide (multi-year project).



  • Receives patent on Auto-Pairing Wireless Camera System designed for tractor trailer applications



  • Introduces digital wireless camera system that supports up to four wireless cameras
  • Awarded US Postal Service contract to install Voyager Observation Systems on 13,000 new regional delivery vehicles
  • Launches a rearview mirror replacement observation system



  • Introduces new rear sensor system that provides audible and visual notification when objects are detected
  • Launches a 360 degree camera system to the commercial industry